It's disappointing knowing how someone I used to respect could go this far to fight for herself. We should never forget how friends in one way or another, has helped us go through some of the toughest phases of our lives and keep us sane with their selfless love, care, support and encouragement. But the truth is, friends come and go. It's sad that circumstances can cause us our close friends, those we used to trust a great deal and share our lives with...

Has the desire to be more likable cause you to lose yourself and make choices that'd inevitably hurt others around you? Have you not realize that end of the day everyone will go home empty handed. If nothing comes together, why should you waste your whole life fighting for this endless cycle of power and happiness which are not going to come with us? Leave this cycle of chase. Don't waste this life running behind new desires. Stop playing the blaming game and wallow into self pity. Remember happier is NOT the one who has more, but the one who needs less.

Spread love out of freewill. Stop losing yourself in the pursuit of worldly successes. Last but not least, no hate because we are all work in progresses. He is still at work.

Meanwhile, I am sorry if I have unknowingly offended, hurt, or said anything rude, mean or nasty to you. *PEACE* Love you my angels and friends


P/S: Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm doing good and am really enjoying what I'm doing at my new company. Thank you for being a part of my life and sharing my joys. Hope y'all are doing good too! :)


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"It's not how much we love but 
how much we put into GIVING."
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Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.
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Last week, Sis & I had the privilege to spend 2 days with our beloved niece at Sentosa. It was an awesome siblings outing & we stayed at Festive Hotel! Have always love bonding time ^^

It was such a tiring but fulfilling excation (exercise + vacation), having to carry this little imp wherever we go. Returned home with salon pas all over our body but we're just so glad to be able to spend quality time with Theone & having her in our lives.... Children have these amazing ability to lift a smile on your face with their little actions and show us how easily contented they can be at times. 

Love how Theone can make us smile with her even when we're feeling lousy. 

 aww, Theone lying on my lap. It was damn ticklish.

Theone the timid mouse. lol. We went to Far Far Away together and she was crying inside because it was "scary". So, we couldn't play much of the rides with that scary cat with us :D

Da gu & Xiao gu <3 Mo Gu Tou (Mushroom head aka Theone) 

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Greatness isn't defined by status, but by our hearts.
A great heart makes a person great.


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Thought of sharing this great homily by Fr yesterday. 
"Every instrument has to be tuned in order to produce the right notes and harmonize beautifully with other instruments. Likewise, Jesus also has a set of key notes for us to tune into.... He is sounding the right notes to you and your heart so that you can tune your relationships and life to His way for that perfect harmony."


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